Podium Vessel

Engage an Audience

These decorative ceramics with the off white texture on the outside and terra cotta inside create beautiful handmade accents for your home.

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color/Finish: White
  • Imported
  • Short Vessel Dimensions: 8"H x 9.75"W x 9.75"D
  • Short Vessel Interior Dimensions: 8"h x 5”dia.
  • Tall Vessel Dimensions: 15.5"H x 10"W x 10"D
  • Tall Vessel Interior Dimensions: 15.5"h x 6"dia.
  • Wide Vessel Dimensions: 9.5"H x 13.75"W x 13.75”D
  • Wide Vessel Interior Dimensions: 9.5"h x 7"dia.
  • For decorative use only; does not hold water.

Hand Crafted: no two pieces are alike.