Blue Christmas Set

$295 $345

Have a Blue Christmas with these accessories (in the best way of course!)

Save 15% when you purchase our sophisticated blown glass decorative vases and decorative shell in simple yet stunning blues as part of this gift set.

  • Material: Glass
  • Color/Finish: Periwinkle
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: Large: 21.75"H x 4"W x 4"D; Medium: 19.5"H x 5.5"W x 5.5"D; Small: 18"H x 5"W 5"D (set of three)
  • Material: Glass
  • Color/Finish: Available in Steel Blue, and White
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 6"H x 9"W x 4"D

All items in this set are hand blown and may vary with bubbles and slight differences in color. Size may vary. Each shell has a flat bottom that measures 1.5"dia.