Hi, Everyone!

It’s been a busy start to 2023—David and I just got back from a design event in Germany and a visit to our artisan partners in India. All this travel has me feeling inspired, so I thought I’d share a few of my recent finds and musings. I hope they inspire you, too!
Jamie Young's Signature Mantra Featured image
David and I on a recent trip to the mountains

My Design Mantra for 2023

“Modern Organic.” It’s relevant, current design, but it’s handmade. Refined, but never perfect—similar to Chloé’s approach to fashion. It feels like someone made it with their hands to create something special.
My Current Instagram Obsession

My Current Instagram Obsession

One of my favorite Instagrams right now is @junesblooms. I’m so inspired by the colors and textures in every photo captured by flower farmer Erika Stephens.

The Last Update I Made to My Home

I just bought all these beautiful, fat, natural wax candles—I have them on my dining table as an unexpected centerpiece.